Identification of clothing fabric components


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A simple way to identify the composition of clothing fabrics is the combustion method. The method is to take out a piece of fabric containing warp and weft yarns at the seam of the garment, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, the fabric emits an odor after burning, observe the residue after burning, and judge whether it is the same as what is written on the clothing durability label. The composition of the fabric is the same, so as to identify the authenticity of the fabric composition, let's learn about the identification of the clothing fabric composition!

1. Cotton fiber and hemp fiber

Clothing fabrics are mainly cotton fibers and hemp fibers, which are burning as soon as they approach the flame. It burns quickly, with a yellow flame and blue smoke. The difference between the smell of burning and the ash after burning is that cotton has the smell of paper after burning, and hemp has the smell of grass and wood ash after burning. After the clothing fabric is burned, cotton has very little powder ash, which is black or gray, and hemp will produce a small amount of off-white powder ash.

2. Wool fiber and silk

When the wool fiber burns, it will smoke and foam, the burning speed is slow, and the burnt smells. After burning, the ash is mostly shiny black spherical particles, and it will crack when the finger is pressed. When the silk is ignited by the fire, the burning speed is slow, the sound is sizzling, and there is a smell of burning hair. After roasting, they turn into small balls of ash that are dark brown. Broken in a pinch.

3. Nylon and polyester

Nylon nylon fiber, which shrinks rapidly when it is close to the flame, dissolves into a white jelly-like shape, melts, drips, and bubbles in the flame. Once it is far away from the flame, it is difficult to continue to burn, and after cooling, the light brown melt is difficult to wear. Polyester fibers are easy to catch fire, melt and shrink when approaching the flame, and emit black smoke when burning. It has a yellow flame and has a fragrant taste. After burning, the ash will turn into a dark-brown lump that can be crushed with fingers.

4. Acrylic and acrylic

The scientific name of acrylic fiber is acrylic fiber. Ignite it nearby to soften it. After ignition, it will emit black smoke. The flame looks very white, and it will burn as soon as it leaves the flame. After burning, the ash is irregular black lumps. It will break if you twist it by hand. The scientific name of acrylic fiber is acrylic fiber. It melts, shrinks and is flammable when it is close to the flame. It slowly burns and emits black smoke. The upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue. It smells of oil. After burning, the ash is hard, round, The light yellow-brown particles are easily damaged when twisted by hand.