eVent Fabrics + JDT Press Release


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eVent Fabrics Signs Partnership Agreement with Japan-based JDT to Usher in Next Generation of PFAS-Free Textiles


LEAWOOD, Kan. (April 01, 2024) – eVent fabrics®, makers of high performing waterproof breathable textiles, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Japan-based laminator Jiaxing Deyong Textile Co., Ltd.


eVent Fabrics, known for high-performance, all-weather technology, continues to innovate towards more sustainable solutions. eVent fabrics has introduced premium PFAS-free alternatives, eVent alpineST and eVent BIO, offering laminate solutions for apparel, footwear, and accessories.


JDT is part of eVent’s efforts to strengthen their supply chain and brings significant lamination, technical know-how and sourcing experience. In collaboration with JDT, eVent has perfected the manufacturing process of alpineST. eVent alpineST is sustainably manufactured and ultra durable, making it one of the highest performing waterproof technologies on the market.  


“JDT is globally recognized for its high level of quality management and business integrity,” said eVent fabrics CEO David Liu. “Their professionalism is evident in their long-term relationships with top global brands, and we are excited to partner with JDT to help fuel the growth and innovation of eVent fabrics.”


JDT has lamination factories in China and Vietnam.   


"eVent is a well-established, top brand in the world for performance fabrics with a long history that are used extensively in both commercial and consumer settings. According to Mr. Matsumoto, General Manager of JDT, "We are thrilled to collaborate with them and take advantage of our complementary skills to achieve our shared objective and dedication to consumer apparel applications using eVent® branded sustainable technologies and fabrics."


Details regarding all of eVent’s latest innovations, customer products and sustainability initiatives are available through eVent’s digital space.