These 5 functional fabrics play high-tech


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1. Super waterproof fabric

Ordinary raincoats can prevent the penetration of rainwater, but it is not conducive to removing sweat and water vapor.

Moisture-permeable and waterproof fabrics change this shortcoming. Using the great difference in the size of water vapor particles and raindrops, a porous structure film with a pore size smaller than that of raindrops is attached to the surface of the fabric, so that raindrops cannot pass through, while water vapor and sweat cannot pass through. It can pass smoothly and is conducive to ventilation.

2. Flame retardant fabric

Flame retardant fabrics are made of innate flame retardant fibers by spinning, weaving and dyeing. The fabric has the characteristics of flame retardant, wear resistance, temperature resistance, washing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, anti-static, high strength, etc. It is an ideal fabric for making protective clothing in metallurgy, oilfield, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power, and fire protection industries. .

3. Color changing fabric

Color-changing fabrics, fabrics that can change color with changes in light, heat, liquid, pressure, electronic wires, etc. It is made by encapsulating the color-changing material into microcapsules and dispersing it in the resin liquid and coating it on the cloth surface.

It can be used to make traffic suits, swimming suits, etc., to play a role in safety protection, and can also be used to make stage costumes, with colorful and mysterious effects.

4. Antistatic fabric

In dry weather conditions in autumn and winter, the body is prone to frictional static electricity with close-fitting clothes, especially when it comes into contact with polyester-containing textile fabrics.

After antistatic finishing of polyester fabrics, it can reduce the volume resistance or surface resistivity of the fabrics to prevent the leakage of static electricity, eliminate the troubles of static electricity, and improve the reputation experience of consumers for the product.

The antistatic fabric adopts the method of hydrophilic finishing or adding conductive fiber to make the fabric conductive. This kind of fabric is not easy to absorb ash and antistatic. It is very suitable for making carpets and special work clothes, such as dustproof clothes.

5. Quick-drying fabric

Most of the quick-drying fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but due to different processing techniques, they have the effect that ordinary clothes do not have.

The main function of quick-drying fabrics is to quickly wick away sweat, which can dissipate moisture and have good warmth retention, which is conducive to keeping the skin dry and fresh. In particular, when doing outdoor sports, quick-drying fabrics can play a better role in windproof, rainproof and moistureproof.

Under normal circumstances, it is much more convenient and practical to wear quick-drying fabrics in spring and summer than heavy jackets.